“Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.”

Phil Crosby


Coaching is our true expertise. Drawing on our vast experience in individualized coaching techniques, we are able to help our clients succeed by building the mindset that is aligned with their fundamental values.

With IMPERIAL-TC coaching is a process of discovery, growth and advancement that will lead you to reach your goals and take charge of your future. We believe everyone has the potential to achieve the level of success they are looking for if they seek out advice and direction from a trusted and successful source.

All of our Coaching Programs have been developed utilizing attested theoretical underpinnings whilst incorporating substantial experience in its practical application.

With our high-commitment coaching programs you will be able to experience the benefits immediately!

Life Coaching

Through our life coaching program and techniques, IMPERIAL-TC certified coaches work closely with YOU to enable your full potential. Clients will learn to recognize and develop a path that reflects their true self. Together, IMPERIAL-TC helps its clients discover what really matters in their life; we work to align your skills and abilities toward what is important to you. At IMPERIAL-TC we walk closely with YOU in your journey towards success.

Business Coaching

This program provides positive support, feedback, and advice to business owners in order to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting. The positive results of the program appear in sales targets, marketing approaches, organization management, and team building. Most importantly, our coaches help you to focus on the game of success.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

At IMPERIAL-TC executive coaching is a facilitation approach for executive growth and performance improvement. It includes career transition, executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, visualizing, decision making, dealing effectively with conflict, building team loyalty, and rolling out the appropriate leadership style within your organization.

The Process

Women Entrepreneurs Coaching

Our approach in coaching women is grounded by a strong and proven track record which demonstrates how women can realize their greatest potential in a masculine based society. Successful entrepreneurs almost always have a coach or mentor. We help clients build the stepping stones towards their dreams without clashing with culture boundaries and societal expectations.

Youth Coaching to Govern Family Business

Daily life in the GCC region revolves around a family based society; family businesses are one of the strongest components that joint family members share, so it is no surprise that many families are governing multi-million dollar businesses.

In order to minimize the effect of generation gaps and clashes, IMPERIAL-TC’s expert coaches have developed a unique coaching program designed for youth who have the potential to be leading the region’s largest and most powerful business on behalf of their families. We work closely with our young clients and their parents to develop a path that governs their growth towards becoming the successor of their family business while keeping within the expectation of family members.

Certifying Professionals as Coaches

IMPERIAL-TC, through its strategic partners, works closely with professionals towards their goal of being certified as a coach. Our program is recognized by international bodies of coaching and ensures our clients an international coaching approach with a regional flavour.