IMPERIAL-TC Training Approach

At IMPERIAL-TC, a set of programs have been developed by field experts to assist our clients in the acquisition of knowledge, competencies and practical skills related to their professional development.

All our training courses are fully customizable to meet our client’s specific requirements. The way we work is that we agree course objectives with you in advance and design a training program that is specifically tailored to achieve your desired learning outcomes. Additionally, we continue to review those objectives throughout the training period to make sure the program is delivering according to your expectations.

IMPERIAL-TC’s experts will help you choose a training solution that is tailored to address your team’s challenges and strengths. Our flexible and interactive programs will give you the necessary tools and strategies to boost your performance.  Delivering success is not only the proud legacy of IMPERIAL-TC but it is also our ongoing mission!

To ensure the specific needs of the organization, the training approach will be based on the following three processes:

Training Approach Diagram

Phase 1: Pre-Course Assessment Process

The pre-course process is designed to ensure that the course will address the exact requirements of the organization in regards to its development needs. The following main steps will be conducted:

  • A random selection of employees.
  • The selected candidates will undergo interviews and a range of questionnaires designed to assess the current level of their relevant competencies.
  • Based on the information collected in the previous step, the course content will be developed and the objectives may be re-defined.

To ensure the success of the training courses, it might be advisable to separate the candidates into different categories, such as: Managers, Engineers, etc.

However, this categorization will be considered in greater detail at the end of the pre-course process, based on which, most decisions concerning the course will be more precisely defined.

Phase 2: Course Delivery Process

Throughout the course delivery process, we will continue to ensure that the course designed in the pre-course process is delivering against its expectations.

Based on that, the following items will be reviewed on a regular basis:

  • Candidate’s progress.
  • Course delivery process and methods.
  • Course materials and tools

Phase 3: Follow Up Process

At the end of the course, an assessment is conducted to evaluate the level of learning acquired for each candidate.

Based on this assessment, the following will be set:

  • Progress monitoring plan for each candidate (usually around 2 months, depending on the candidates’ level).
  • Ensuring that the acquired learning is put into practice and converted into an everyday skill.
  • A training ROI report is produced for every course delivered.


“With IMPERIAL-TC, Business is a long term Relationship”

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