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IMPERIAL-TC model of governance is built on the principles and values of its people, and is driven by the vision and mission of its leadership.

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IMPERIAL-TC team is comprised of esteemed academic professionals, who alongside their academic careers and their research activities, have a vast industry experience in diverse areas.

With the breadth of geographical reach and by working with some of the leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors, Imperial-TC team has acquired profound functional and industry expertise to help deliver sustainable success to our clients.

With our detailed understanding of local needs we know that “one size doesn’t fit all”.  We strive to continually fine-tune our solutions that are underpinned by a true appreciation of the local culture and market needs.

IMPERIAL-TC works closely with one of the top Universities in Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), bringing you the benefits of more than 40 years long history of innovative and interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and the access to renowned academic excellence and research centers. The University maintains strong links with the industry to remain as receptive as possible to the demands of the modern society.

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