Corporate Planning

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln


Corporate planning is the process of drawing up detailed action plans to achieve an organisation’s goals and objectives, taking into account the resources of the organisation and the environment within which it operates.

Corporate planning represents a formal, structured approach to achieving objectives and to implementing the corporate strategy of an organisation.

Success of the Plan depends on how best the resources (strength and weakness) of the organisation and the environment (opportunity and threats) have been critically analysed.

corporate planning 1

How can we help?

In order to support organisations plan for success and monitor the plan through  various systems and processes at corporate level, IMPERIAL-TC provides corporate planning and performance improvement expertise to organisations covering:

  • Corporate performance diagnostics;
  • Implementation and adaptation of a performance management system;
  • Diagnostics and improvement of corporate business processes;
  • Development of proposals to streamline the corporate organisational structure;
  • Corporate reporting system improvement consulting.

corporate planning cycle

It should be noted that it is not always necessary to contract with  a corporate planning consultant to accomplish this process.  Alternatively, it can be very beneficial to employ outside counsel in developing your corporate plan.

However, it is most important that a process is in place and is being continually improved upon.  How you get the process going and how it is directed is entirely at the discretion of your corporate management.

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