Organizational Development

“Some men see the world as it is and ask why; others see the world as it might be and ask why not”

Bernard Shaw

organisation excellence

Organization development can be defined as the process through which an organisation develops the internal capacity to most efficiently and effectively achieve its objectives and mission,  and sustain itself over the long term.

How can we help?

IMPERIAL-TC services for organisational development have the aim to provide professional counsel and assistance in the development of the required tools that enable organisations implement the chosen strategies.

IMPERIAL-TC’ scope of services for organisational development includes:

  • Review and analysis of the initial basic business assumptions;
  • Design of organisation structures;
  • Manpower planning;
  • Design and development of organisation’s manuals;
  • Assistance in corporate culture development;
  • Job evaluations and designing systems for job families;
  • Job analysis, job descriptions, jobholder specifications, job performance  standards.

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