Asset Management

“The best asset of an organization is its people and the best asset of a person is a clean conscience”
Dr. Hamza Abada – Imperial-TC CEO

Asset Management

Safe cost-effective performance of physical assets is vitally important for a range of industries including oil & gas,  defense, utilities, chemicals and transport.

The assets must be selected, designed, operated and maintained in such a way that their life-cycle cost of ownership is minimized.

It is crucially important to consider technical factors as well as the human factors involved.


How can we help?

IMPERIAL-TC through its very experienced Associate Consultants offers organisations the following services:

  • Development of asset and maintenance strategies to meet business objectives;
  • Review of existing asset plans and policies & drawing up improvement plans;
  • Auditing and bench-marking of maintenance and asset performance;
  • Asset risk assessments and vulnerability studies;
  • Design reviews;
  • Optimizing logistics and spare parts inventories;
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance / Risk Based Maintenance studies;
  • Cost/benefit optimization of maintenance tasks;
  • Optimization of maintenance planning & scheduling ;
  • Establishing Service Level Agreements.


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