Brand Management

“Great brands listen, learn and then leverage”

 Bernard Kelvin Clive

Branding Management

A brand is not just a pretty logo, engaging website or strategic marketing plan. It is a deliberate, cohesive message “A story, an idea and a connection transformed into an experience”.

Your brand is an ecosystem powered by all the things you represent – from your core values to the way you interact with your customers and communities to the form and function that exists within your design.

How can we help?

At IMPERIAL-TC, we work with purposeful, passionate brands to build the right foundation for sharing their stories by equipping them with the tools they need to grow well. Our branding process is comprised of the following four key stages:


The first step to building a brand is to understand it, so we begin our process with Understanding Your Branding – a two-day, in-person intensive that focuses on establishing trust, collaboration, and a cohesive brand identity. Using a series of deliberate exercises, from identifying the actions and distinctions that set your brand apart to defining the right creative vision to reflect the heart of your brands’ story – we establish a crystal-clear understanding of the brand that fuels our best creative work and helps you stay focused, consistent, and intentional for a long-term.



Once we’ve distilled your vision down to a cohesive identity, we dive into the creative process to capture it in an engaging and memorable way that inspires conversation and drives action. Design can quickly become smoke and mirrors without a focused marriage of strategy, aesthetic and eventually structure. We design with intent through a process focusing on a deliberate, collaborative progression from concept to final creation – ensuring we stay aligned with your vision and grounded to reality.

Branding Design


Translating a strategic design into a successful final product requires more than a healthy relationship between form and function. Our goal is to build something that is highly-targeted to your intended audience, intuitive, useful and attractive – but also inspires conversation and drives action while depicting a clear reflection of your brand’s distinct identity. This is where art meets science.

brand development


This is the collaboration stage – your vision, your goals, and your creative deliverable culminating in a cohesive brand that is ready for the world. We are very proactive in ensuring you are empowered and equipped with everything you need to launch and manage your new brand with absolute confidence. Combined with a healthy dose, your company moves to your way to positioning your brand for long-term growth. We’re only a call, e-mail, or happy-hour away. And we almost never turn down a happy hour.

branding deployment2

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